Hummingbird Repülés Vezérlő szett + Frsky vevő


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F031K6 Processor - Silverware Firmware
MPU6050 Gyro
4 x 30A Mosfets (Pulsed)
NewBeeDrone OSD (On Screen Display) &VTX Control
Built-in VTX 1mw - 25mw switchable power
Built-in Barometer
Battery Monitor
JST PH-2.0 Nectar Connector Power Lead
Programming Port Available
Custom tune by Mr.Mockingbird (Team Pilot Patrick Clarke)

Whats Included:
Hummingbird Flight Controller with on-board VTX
5 Mounting Grommets
5 Mounting Screws
5 Motor Wire Rubber Bands
Receiver Pin Adapter
BeeEye Camera &V2 Canopy
Beeceiver of your choice (FrSky v1 / DSM v1 / DSM v2 / CRSF)

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