TrueRc OCP 5.8 Ghz UFL RHCP


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What is Airworthy?

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The OCP 5.8 is our new everyday omni antenna. Proven design, great signal, durable and look amazing. Available in all popular connector configurations.

Durable poly-carbonate, Injection Molded, ultra-sonically welded Housing
Clear indication of polarization direction
Excellent axial ratio and efficiency
Flexible coax for ease of installation
Gain: 1.6dBic
Cross-Polar Rejection: -10 to -20dB, (3.2%)
Bandwidth: 5.6GHz-6.0GHz
Radiation Efficiency: 98%
SWR: <=1.2:1
Weight: x.xg
Dimensions(head): 16.5mm dia. X 10.7mm height.
Cable: RG178 coax.
Connector: U.FL.

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