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Hyperlite Glide “5 colos”Freestyle Váz

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Notable Features:
- One central 30×30/20×20 mounting platform flanked by two 20×20 platforms all accessible at all times with no interference.
- None of the stack screws touch any arm parts. No arm/stack integration.
- Two screws per independant arm with bracing against other arms. Easy swaps and secure fit.
- 23mm standoffs
- 104g.
- Motor bumpers on arms really do save motors from damage.
- GoPro mount platform compatible with previous FlosStyle and Flowride mounts.
- 12.9 hardness steel screws and nuts because ain’t nobody got time for stripped aluminum.
- Micro sized FPV cameras ONLY. Mini cameras will NOT fit.
Dead Cat arms available to be purchased separate

Please thread your central stack screws before assembling the arm and lower plate complex. Also, carbon compresses over time. The arm/lower plate complex is very very tight the first time you put the frame together. each successive time it will not be that tight.

The Glide Floss is built to work for you. While it comes in nicer carbon with pretty finishes, it’s focus is convenience and compatibility rather than aesthetics. The inclusion of the taller standoff option and dead cat arms is directed at those needing a workhorse for FPV videography and absolutely must get their props out of view with low GoPro tilt. The arms are also easy to swap so you can go back and forth. This iteration of the Floss acro frame also has a longer body to ease the fit of a GoPro and various sized batteries on top along with allowing for an additional 20×20 mounting platform in front right behind the FPV camera. The 23mm standoffs are specifically measured to balance the frame properly on the Z axis and also happen to fit the Micro Eagle camera better than 20mm. Only micro sized FPV cameras will fit. Mini FPV cameras will NOT fit.

Build recommendations:
With all the convenience built in, this frame does weigh in at around 104g so it’s no longer in the light weight category. Take caution when adding various extraneous parts to your build. Weight adds up quickly and is enemy #1 for flight performance. You don’t really need that Vtx antenna mount or those TPU shoes. The 20×20 mounting platform in front is primarily intended for your flight controller. This is due to the heaps of various types of noise radiating from your ESC, power lines, vtx and most importantly, the Crossfire receiver. Telemetry left on with Crossfire will disturb your OSD chip and camera. It’s recommended that your Crossfire Rx be moved to the rear while the camera and FC stay up front. The first time you put this frame together it will be a very very tight fit. It will seem like the holes are off, they’re not. Carbon compresses over time. This is why arms tend to wiggle more and more over time on a frame. The first time this frame will fit tight but if you swap an arm after, it will go in without much force or issue. These overly tight tolerances keep the structure solid over time. Also, if your frame doesn’t feel absolutely rigid, please tighten your screws.

Other recommendations:
- No more than 650g AUW for 5″. Sub 610g AUW ideal but difficult to hit.
- 2207, 2306, 2208 motors in ~1800-1850kv.
- Sub 190g battery, ideally 175g. 4S-6S
- Sub 4.1g 5″or 5.1″prop.
- HQ 5.1×4.1×3 is 4.7g but also a fantastic prop
- Micro Eagle FPV cam
- Helio 20×20, Radix 20×20 or Talon FC
- 1000uf 35v Cap with a Wafl Cap Cap
- Please use blue loctite for inner arm mount screws.

Further recommendations:
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