Zeez F7 20×20 FC + 45A BLHeli32 Stack

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Zeez F7 2020 Specifications:

★Mounting Holes 20×20
★Direct solder connection and board space for TBS Nano RX and TBS Unify Pro32 Nano providing the ultimate in clean stack installation.
★Up to 8S input (max 36V)
★5V BEC up to 3A continuous
★STM32F722 MCU (Support Betaflight, INav, Emuflight)
★MPU6000 Gyro/ACC for smooth performance
★128MB Onboard flash
★OSD chip Onboard
★6 available UARTS
★VTX switch to control the ON/OFF of the VTX directly from your transmitter (control via Betaflight with USER1 mode)
★LC Filter for 5V VTX and Camera
★USB Type C connector
★Onboard RGB LED distribution for clean wiring
★to the LED on the arm of the quad.
★8 Onboard RBG LED (compliant with FAI Rules)
★Logic Side and USB current protection

Zeez ESC 4IN1 45A 2020

★Mounting Holes 20×20
★3S to 6S input
★Constant Current: 45A
★Peak Current: 55A
★STM32L4 MCU (ARM Cortex M4, 80MHz frequency)
★BlHeli32 Firmware (support Dshot150/ Dhsot300 /Dshot600/ProShot 1000) and still compatible with all older analog protocol (OneShot42, OneShot125, Multishot)
★8 Pin JST connector and 8 Pin solder pads
★Holes for Aluminum Low ESR capacitor (included 35V 470uF Low ESR capacitor and a spare capacitor)
★Onboard analog current sensor (Betaflight Scale: 200)
★ESC telemetry to read RPM and ESC temperature
★Compatible with Bidirectional Dshot out of the box

Zeez 2020 STACK (without LED) includes:

(1X) Zeez F7  2020 Flight Controller
(1X) Zeez ESC 4in1 45A 2020
(8X) Aluminum Standoff
(4X) Aluminum Nut
(1X) ESC to Flight Controller 8 Pin to 8 Pin JST SH 1.00mm connector
(1X) ESC to Flight Controller 8 Pin to Free wires (with JST SH crimp) JST SH 1.00mm connector
(1X) ESC to Flight Controller 8 Pin to Servo Connector JST SH 1.00mm connector
(1X) JST SH 8 Pin Plastic Housing
(1X) JST SH 10 Pin Plastic Housing
(2X) 470uF 35V Low ESR Capacitor
(1X) XT60 with 12AWG Silicon Cable for battery connection
(2X) 2.00mm Header Pin for VTX connection
(2X) 2.54mm Header Pin for Receiver connection
(4X) Spare M3 rubber anti vibration for Flight Controller or ESC

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