T-Motor AT-40A 4S Repülő Esc

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Product information “T-Motor AT 40A ESC - Fixed Wing Brushless Controller 40A 2S-4S 5V 3A UBEC”
T-Motor AT 40A ESC - Fixed Wing Brushless ESC 40A 2S-4S 3A 5V UBEC
high quality brushless controller from the new T-Motor AT Fixed Wing series.
Specially developed for use in area models.
The controller is programmable and has a BEC.
The following programming options are available: brake, battery type, switch-off behavior, switch-off limit, start-up behavior, timing.
Technical data of the T-Motor AT 40A controller:
Voltage: 7.4V-14.8V (2S-4S Lipo)
Ampere: 40A (55A for 10 sec.)
Weight: 43g
Dimensions: (LxWxH) 65 x 25 x 12 mm

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