TBS Source One v4 HD 5 inch freestyle frame

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1x Frame (Top, Bottom. Brace and 2x Camera plate, 4x Arms)

1x Screw &Standoff set


Wheelbase 5′: 226mm

Wheelbase 7′: 318mm

Top Plate: 2mm

Middle plate: 3mm

Bottom Plate: 2mm

Camera Mounting Plate: 2mm

Standoff height: 30mm

Arm thickness 5′: 4mm

Arm thickness 7′: 6mm

Stack Mounting: 30.5 × 30.5mm &20 x 20

Weight 5′: 99.5g


24x M3x10 allen screw

4x M3x14 allen screw

8X OD 5mm M3 30mm standoff

6x M3 press insert nut

8x M3 press insert nut

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