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Heatshrink tubes assortment in storage box (170pc)

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Set of 170 thermal heatshrink tubes in multiple colours.

Contents of assortment:
Ø1 x 100mm: 60 pcs.
Ø2 x 100mm: 40 pcs.
Ø3 x 100mm: 30 pcs.
Ø4.5 x 100mm: 20 pcs.
Ø6 x 100mm: 10 pcs.
Ø9 x 100mm: 10 pcs.

Halogen-free and dioxin-free

Heatshrink tubes can be used universally for the connection of electrical cables, the insulation of soldered points at resistors and capacitors, marking and protection of electrical cables, protection against corrosion of metal rods or tubes, protection of antennas. These waterproof heatshrink tubes are used for the connection of fiber optic cables.

Colour: mixed
Shrinkage temperature: 90°C
Max. temperature: 120°C
Shrinkage ratio: 2:1

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