Gemfan WinDancer 3028 Blue Props


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The Gemfan WinDancer 3028 3 blade / tri-blade propeller is a highly efficient 3′prop with great maneuverability. It’s light and slim blades are made for complete control and long flight times. It is compatible with both T type mounting and conventional 5mm mounts.

This adaptability allows flexibile motor use, making these props handy for any setup you want to run them on. This prop includes a unique adapter that allows the prop to be used on the smaller T-Mount type motor.

This prop set comes in the colour Clear Blue and as a set of 4.


- Material: PC
- Length: 3′
- Pitch: 2.8′
- Weight: 1.49g
- Center Hole Dia: M5 and T Mount.

SKU: FPV 5238 Category: 2" / 3" / 4" props