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Item Name: F7 Bluetooth Flight Controller AIO OSD BEC
Input Voltage: 2-6S
Main Control Chip: STM32F722RET6216MHz
Gyroscope: MPU6000 gyroscope (SPI)
Barometer: None
OSD Chip: AT7456E
Black Box: None
LED Programming: Support
BB Sound: Support
I2C Interface: support
BEC-1: 5V/2A (internal power supply, receiver, LED, BUZZER, etc. power supply)
BEC-2: 9V/3A (camera and image transmission mode power supply, its opening and closing can be controlled by USER2, turn on the power when selected, the shipment is fully open by default, please configure the channel control switch by yourself)
Serial Control Port: six channels (UART1, UART2, UART3, UART4, UART5, UART6)
Bluetooth: Support (port UART4, baud rate 115200)
Flight Controller Firmware: Betaflight
Conversion of hole position and shock-absorbing ball hole position: 20*20mm, φ3mm
Size: 30x27mm
Weight: 8g
Package Included

1 x F7 Flight Controller
4 x 2mm hole silicone shock ring
1 x 1.08p cable
1 x Manual

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