JHEMCU Full-color LED WS2812 multi-effect control module


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With the demand for LED light bars from the ride-through machine, an LED control module with independent power supply and independent control was launched, which cooperated with the WS2812 light bar to realize LED slow flash, fast flash, running light, gradual change and other mode switching (no signal required for flight control) ), each mode has 7 colors to switch. Easy to install, simple and reliable.

Working voltage: 2-6S
Input current: less than 1A
Output voltage: +5V
Output current: 3A
Maximum number of LEDs supported: 4 channels
Number of sockets: 4
Number of single-channel controllable LEDs: 8
Switching mode: manual button
Mode: 30 types

Delivery list: LED control board 1
WS2812 light strip 4
4 3P*1.0MM plug wires
28AWG*100MM red wire 1
28AWG*100MM black wire 1
Heat shrinkable tube *3CM 1

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