TBS Tracer Sixty9

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What could be better than the best Tracer receiver and an improved Unify Pro32 video transmitter making sweet love? Exactly! Nothing, nothing at all.
Introducing the TBS Tracer Sixty9, a VTx and receiver AIO board sporting a race-friendly, long-range capable video transmitter combined with the same on the TBS Tracer side. Mounting holes are 20×20, but we do incldue adapters for your 30×30 stacks, and a plastic case for mounting the unit to your frame - without any stacking necessity.
Outputs 2x CRSF + 2x PWM (or 6x PWM) directly to your FC. The main JST-SH connector connects to your flight controller and video camera (or also FC for those that like the FC-OSD).

Integrated video transmitter control with long range and (team-)race functions
Dedicated low-noise power supply for receiver and video transmitter
Sleek 20×20 mounting form factor
Plug&play connection and solder pads connectivity
3 different mounting flavors, RF tin shields, and other accessories included
High power analog adjustable video transmitter (up to 1W with perfect cooling)
5V regulator bulti-in, takes up to 6S
Weight: 4.1g (board only)
Antenna ports: 1x video transmitter, 1x R/C receiver
Size: 24mm x 24mm
Requires: Firmware V5.62 and above
CRSF V3 ready
Input voltage: 8-25V (2-6S)
1x TBS Tracer Sixty9
1x TBS Tracer Immortal-T antenna
1x u.FL to SMA mount (for VTx)
1x 30×30 heatsink / case
1x 20×20 heatsink / case
1x optional tin-shield (for added low-noise tolerance)
1x JST-SH x 9 connector