AFW Rapid Race Frame (5mm arm)

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What is Airworthy?

If you want quality products, but you don’t trust in Youtube review videos, trust in the Airworthy Crew!

A racing frame designed by the Hungarian AFW Crew and sent to the FPV Race Store for production. Our goal is to provide the domestic FPV Drone community with a frame that meets the highest standards at an affordable price from domestic stock. Our test pilots with many years of experience put months of testing and preparation behind the frame. The manufacturing was done by a company with excellent references, high standards and high quality materials. We would like this frame to bring a lot of joy to the domestic drone pilots, be they beginners or professionals.

Package contents:
-AFW Rapid frame
-Battery Pad
-Weight:  grams
-Pressed pressnuts
-The frame is compatible with Micro camera